PDP fully prepared to bring Ogun local governments back to life – Akinloye

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PDP fully prepared to bring Ogun local governments back to life – Akinloye

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Ogun State Publicity Secretary for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Bankole Akinloye has assured of the party’s readiness to claim victory in the forthcoming local government elections.

The LG polls have been scheduled for July 24 across the 20 local government areas in the Gateway State.

Akinloye lamented the challenges being endured by people under the APC-led government and he is upbeat about the PDP’s chances of returning to power with a sideline triumph in the third-tier government.

Meanwhile, the PDP has started the sales of its nomination forms which will close next Monday.

“We are fully prepared for the election. We are educating and sensitizing the people to vote PDP, so that life can be returned to our local governments,” Akinloye told Daily Post. “As you know, local government administrations are a strategic point of governance in Nigeria, being the third tier of government and the closest to the people.


“Going by all realistic indices, we have a very bright chance and we want to leverage on that to make sure we present candidates that can mobilize votes for us.


“If you look at Nigeria presently and Ogun State in terms of insecurity, in terms of what has become the abysmal power failure of the ruling party to address the immediate needs of running effective local government administration for the benefit of the people at the grassroots, you could see that a lot of things are wrong with the system. People are yearning for the return of the PDP back to the local government level, where we will return it to the era of when the PDP was in power between 2003 and 2011.


“That was an era when local governments were buoyant enough to pick up their bills, to provide basic amenities for the people, to maintain rural roads, to construct health and maternity centres, to pay staff salaries and so on.


“If we have the assurances of the Ogun State Independent Electoral Commission (OGSIEC) and security agencies, if they can assure us of conducting a free, fair and credible election, I tell you, the PDP has a great chance of claiming all the 20 local governments in Ogun State. There is nothing stopping us from winning. What is important for us as a party is to request that OGSIEC should provide an atmosphere that will guarantee free, fair and credible local government election.


“What is the stand of APC as a party? Look, the question of insecurity is not limited to what is happening in Yewa North alone, it is an issue affecting all the parts of Ogun. The people are tired. Ogun is not secure under the APC.”

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