Ogun State students demand cancellation of school fees, request provision of study allowance

Ogun State students demand cancellation of school fees, request provision of study allowance

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Ogun State students have called on the government to cancel the payment of school fees and provide study allowances to them to promote the chances of learning and education.


This was disclosed in a statement signed by Ayoola Babalola, Coordinator, Take-It-Back Movement, Campus Wing, on Tuesday.


The group also demanded that the government declare a state of emergency on education in order for them to pay attention to the improvement of learning infrastructures in the state.


“The need for fees cancellation is not far-fetched as it is a well-known fact that coronavirus had handicapped the economic lives and financial stability of the Nigerian people. It is also well known that the majority of our students and their parents constitute the larger percentage of average Nigerians, who fall into the middle class and can hardly afford the heavy, inconsiderate and inhumane fees imposed on education in the state and across the country,” the statement read via SaharaReporters.


“The concept of fees cancellation is key towards fostering inclusive and people-centred governance. It would be inhumane, wicked and dishonest of any government to assume that the National economic downturn would not take its turn on our students and incapacitate many of them financially.


“We demand that federal and state governments abolish total fees payment in all institutions under their control as a form of responsive and responsible intervention in this looming crisis of massive dropouts in our institutions.


“We also hold that institutions are obligated to be concerned about the ability of their students to meet up the payment of their fees and they also have the responsibility of making it easy for them . We have received reports of continued actions by different management of institutions to uphold and enforce the full payments of fees.


“Institutions in Ogun State, most specifically, Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa, are enforcing the payments of fees in this period, that may signify insensitivity and holding our students to ransom for the economic downturn.


“We demand that these insensitive and insatiable hunger to make money at all costs be shunned and our students be given relaxation on payment.


“We call for a declaration of state of emergency in Nigeria’s educational sector. We hold that public education in Nigeria is in free fall, it is a mind-boggling collapse that threatens the very foundation and future of the Nigerian state.


“Depriving citizens, youths especially of education is depriving us of everything including our dignity and ability to reason and defend ourselves and our country. We demand that government at all levels begins to revolutionalise the Nigerian academic system to position our youths and students for the 21st century future.”

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