Nigerians can change current difficulty with their votes in 2023 – Chief Aderinokun

Nigerians vote

Nigerians can change current difficulty with their votes in 2023 – Chief Aderinokun

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Akinruyiwa of Owu Kingdom, Chief Olumide Aderinokun has urged Nigerians to be ready to elect the right people into political offices having experienced the hardships caused by President Muhammadu Buhari-led government.


With less than 660 days to the 2023 general election, the Egba-born philanthropist and politician expressed his worry over the current insecurity and economic situation in Nigeria under the All Progessives Congress-led (APC) government.


He, however, believes the decision to make the country survive its current predicament lies with the people getting capable hands in the right offices.


“Everybody can see what is going on and the majority of the people have learnt their lessons the hard way,” Chief Aderinokun said.


“People are struggling to eat and they can not even travel to visit their loved ones across the country which is enough to summarise the terrible situation we find ourselves in currently.


“We can change the narrative and make Nigeria great again by getting the right people in offices in two years time. We can still retain our position as the giant of Africa.”


Chief Aderinokun, a property developer with keen interest in farming and technology, has led charitable developments across Ogun Central Senatorial District in recent months through the Olumide and Stephanie Aderinokun Foundation.


Several borehole projects were commissioned in Abeokuta North and Abeokuta South Local Government Areas this year while Muslims have been supported with foodstuff during the Ramadan period.

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