Coronavirus: Ogun State close interstate and international borders

Coronavirus: Ogun State close interstate and international borders

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Ogun State Government has announced the closure of its borders with neighbouring states and the international border with Benin in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.


The closure which was announced on Saturday, will take effect from Sunday, March 29 until April 12, after which the situation will be reviewed.


The decision bans inbound and outbound movement in Ogun State after recording three cases of the virus so far.


“The position of Ogun State is peculiar. It not only shares an international border with the Republic of Benin, it does so with all other states in the South West (except Ekiti), including Lagos State, which has understandably recorded the highest number of infections in the country largely because it hosts the busiest air and sea ports and it’s the nation’s economic capital,” Governor Abidoun noted.


“The border closure will not only be beneficial to Ogun State but the national efforts to curtail and contain the virus. Lessons from other climes strongly indicate that closure of borders has the potential to drastically flatten the curve of spread whilst unrestricted movement portends grave dangers.”

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