Coronavirus: NLC demand stimulus package for workers in Ogun State


Coronavirus: NLC demand stimulus package for workers in Ogun State

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The Nigerian Labour Congress, Ogun State chapter, has demanded that the government provide relief package for the workers in the state during the period of lockdown.


The NLC chairman in the state, Emmanuel Bankole, made this demand on Tuesday at a press briefing held in Abeokuta.


The congress said there is need for the government to provide the stimulus package in form of money or food items to the workers to help them survive the lockdown as the coronavirus has made them vulnerable as well.


Bankole urged the government to extend the distribution of stimulus packages to the workers, explaining that civil servants in the state are faced with an increase in prices of basic food items.


“Permit us also, to call the attention of the state government to the fact and realities of our times,  which is that every resident  of the state is vulnerable to the pandemic, nobody is immuned  from the vulnerability, everyone has suffered one degree of inconvenience or the other, especially the salary earners, who are perpetually faced with astronomical increase in prices  of basic food items,” Bankole said, per The Punch


“We suggest that government in the days ahead should evolve appropriate stimulus package for its workforce, to further cushion the hardship associated with this global pandemic.


“So, if it is going to be food or relief materials, they know that in this ministry, there is this number of people.  If it is going to be monetised  because they have the account numbers of the workers, they can easily pay it into their accounts,” He added.


Faulting the planning and logistics responsible for the distribution of the materials to the vulnerable and poor people in the state, the chairman said; “It is also expedient to commend the state government for its intervention in ameliorating the hardship of the residents of the state.


“However, the planning and logistics for the distribution of the materials appear faulty and inadequate, considering the avalanche of complaints that have emanated across the state.


“The agencies of the government and individuals saddled with this very important assignment are urged to brace for the identified challenges and ensure a hitch-free exercise.”

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