Bricklayers rape, impregnate mentally handicapped girl in Ogun State

Bricklayers rape, impregnate mentally handicapped girl in Ogun State

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The Ogun State Police Command have arrested a bricklayer identified as Gbenga Ogunjobi, for allegedly raping and impregnating his neighbour’s daughter who is mentally handicapped in Sote, Ibafo area of the Obafemi Owode Local Government Area.


The victim was said to have been raped and impregnated before by another bricklayer identified as Seun, reportedly abandoned her and the baby.


Ogunjobi was arrested following a report at the police station by the girl’s father, Bayo, who said he got to know about the incident when he found out that his daughter is pregnant again.


“A few days ago, we realised that her behaviour changed because she was complaining that she was not feeling well and it was at that point that we discovered that she was pregnant,” Bayo disclosed to the Punch.


“When we asked her who was responsible, she confessed that my neighbour, Ogunjobi had been sleeping with her in my room.


“I was annoyed and asked how could he do that and she said whenever there was nobody at home, he would enter the house and drag her into the room and have sex with her. My daughter fell ill while growing up and it affected her mentally and Ogunjobi took advantage of her condition to cheat her. I reported the incident at the Ibafo Police Station and policemen were sent to arrest him.


“She was 17 when she first gave birth to a child and the father of the child is also someone in our area. We suddenly discovered that she was pregnant and she later confessed that Seun impregnated her. Seun initially denied it, but he later accepted responsibility for the pregnancy. Although Seun’s parents came to plead with us, he refused to marry her and abandoned the baby.


“Ogunjobi has been asking to marry our daughter, but I don’t want him as a son-in-law because he is not a responsible man. I want the right thing to be done.”


Ifeoma, a resident of the area, said the victim was taken to Mirabel Centre in Lagos for medical examination and was discovered to be four months pregnant. She also said the International Federation of Women Lawyers have taken up the case to get justice for the family.


“The victim’s family are poor and the suspect is taking advantage of that to cover up his crime. Everyone has been pleading for his release from custody, but we objected to that, because justice must be served. He must be charged,” Ifeoma stated.


The Police Public Relations Officer in the State, Abimbola Oyeyemi, confirmed Ogunjobi’s arrest, adding that he had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Eleweran in Abeokuta for detailed investigation.

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